Aging Pets – Great Sleeping Options

As our pets age making their life easier and more comfortable is important. Timmy, my toy poodle is no exception! As he ages, finding a comfortable and easy to care for bed was important. After looking at several models and styles, we choose the Serta Orthopedic Couch to use for his dog bed.

Timmy likes to keep his bones and toys with him so the larger couch model seemed like the best fit for his needs. Many of the dog beds for small dogs were really too small for his lifestyle! We wanted something with orthopedic support and either therapeutic foam or memory foam for a longer lasting bed.

Those with larger dogs or dogs with hip dysplasia or joint issues will appreciate the support either the dog couch or dog bed provides.

The couch style also provides the side support for laying against or resting his head on as he naps. The Serta model comes in a variety of sizes as well.

We also wanted something that was easy to care for – washable cover! The bed has a plush cover that can be removed for easy washing.

Although larger than most items I order from Amazon, it is eligible for Prime Shipping and he was lounging in it in just two days!

We have had the bed for several months now and are extremely pleased with it.  It is holding its shape very well and has been super easy to care for.  We have also found there is no issue with “doggy” smell – which was a problem with using blankets in his previous bed.

 We are purchasing a dog bed – smaller bed – to keep in our bedroom where he sleeps at night.  He actually prefers the Serta couch over sleeping on the bed with us!